Pastor Nass Received a Call

Dear SPLC Family,

I want to inform you that yesterday afternoon I received a divine call from St. Paul Lutheran Church in Green Bay, WI to serve as a pastor at their church. This means that I will now take a few weeks to decide whether or not I and my family would like to accept their call and move to Green Bay or continue to serve here in Saint Peter. I’m looking forward to the chance to evaluate my gifts and ministry here in Saint Peter as well as consider the possibility of ministry in Green Bay.

I know that our church‘s system of extending and receiving calls is different than the way most people go about finding a job. I was not looking for a call. Our WELS pastors and teachers don’t ever seek out service in another congregation or school. St. Paul Lutheran Church in Green Bay, WI is looking for a pastor. Their district president – the man in the same position as our Pastor Degner was for our Minnesota District – put together a list of pastors he felt would be able to serve well in their congregation. At a special call meeting, they considered that list of pastors, prayed for God’s guidance, and choose to extend their call to me. I didn’t know anything about it until I received the news from their church president yesterday afternoon.

I had the chance to talk on the phone yesterday with the church president and other pastor at St. Paul. They will be sending me lots of information about their congregation in the coming days. St. Paul is slightly larger than our church, and they have two English worship services and one Spanish service each Sunday, just like we do. They have a Lutheran elementary school with about 100 students. Their church is currently served by one pastor and a staff minister, and they are looking to fill a vacancy they have for a bilingual pastor. To see St. Paul’s website, click HERE.

As I deliberate this call, I ask for your prayers. I also welcome your wisdom and insight. My family and I will be returning from our vacation this Saturday, August 25th. Please feel free to contact me over the next few weeks with your thoughts on how the gifts God has given me fit into our ministry here in Saint Peter. I would be happy to hear your thoughts on where I could best serve God and his people.

God’s blessings on your week!

Pastor Nass