Online Resources


God’s Word Is Just a Click Away!

There are lots of opportunities to grow in your faith online!

Our congregation loves to emphasize the blessing of daily devotions – finding time each day to read and think about God’s Word. Thankfully, there are many great ways to make Jesus a part of your daily routine, including a number of excellent online resources that are just a click away. Here are three easy and free ways to find great devotions everyday online.

The WELS Website

This is the homepage of our Wisconsin Synod, and a new devotion is posted there every morning from Monday – Friday. You can even sign-up to have WELS daily devotions emailed to you each day by clicking HERE and checking the box for “Today’s Devotion.”

Time of Grace Moments

Pastor Mark Jeske, a WELS pastor in Milwaukee, posts “Grace Moments” every morning. They are short devotions centered on verses from the Bible. You can sign up to have those devotions emailed to you each day.

Pastor Degner’s Daily Prayer

Every day, our own Pastor Degner posts a Bible verse and a prayer based on that verse on our Facebook page.

God’s Word is more accessible that it has even been before. It’s only a click away! We hope that you can take advantage of some of these resources, and we pray that God will use your daily time in his Word to draw you ever closer to him and his love.