Sunday School Resumes in January

Sunday School resumes for St. Peter Lutheran on January 17 at 9:10 a.m.!  We are excited to be back together and learning about Jesus. But we also are making plans so that our gathering to learn God’s Word is a safe as possible.

We are planning to have all students age 4 – 8th grade meet as one group in the church sanctuary, spread out from each other as much as possible.  We ask that masks be worn by all. 
We will provide crayons/pens/pencils for each child, so there will be no sharing of materials.

This year we will be covering lessons from the Old Testament of the Bible.

We’d love for your children age 4 – 8th grade join us!  Click here to sign up.


Wednesday Morning Bible Studies Resume

We are delighted to announce that the Church Council gave approval to the have the Wednesday morning  Bible study to resume weekly at 10 a.m.  We have resumed our study of the book of Judges.  We will make use of social distancing and recommend that attendees use facemasks.  We also ask that food not be shared.  With joy let us return to the study of God’s Word.