Grades 3-5 Weekly Note

Happy Thanksgiving to all!  Our class is busy preparing for the upcoming holidays.  We are learning new things and improving our skills, too!



               Weekly Note Grade 3-5

                        November 19-23

                          Memory Work   

Date Assigned for Homework   Date to Be Recited
11/16/18 Hymn 588:1 (p 24) 11/21/18
11/19/18 John 11:25-26a (p 26) 11/20/18
11/20/18 John 14:19b (p 28) 11/21/18
11/21/18 Hymn 152:1-2 (p 27) 11/30/18


Bible Stories     

Monday The Daughter of Jairus
Tuesday The Young Man of Nain
Wednesday Hymn 152:1-2


Spelling Words: Unit 12 

  Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5
1 float group forty
2 sew prove fifty
3 though smooth eighty
4 tomorrow soup ninety
5 frame cocoon hundred
6 June school thousand
7 liquid received scariest
8 decide building replies
9 cloth tonight emptiness
10 also friend turkeys
11 officer fountain aunt
12 mountain caught wrong
13 its throng caught
14 hour thought fawn
15 they’re chocolate allowed
16 scene loan soul
17 shoe flee there
18 blue fourth pole
19 balloon pair ceiling
20 woods berry poor
21   verses terrible
22   worry dare
23   floor arch
24   forty forehead
25   quarrel support
wow truth truth truth


Tests & Projects Due  

  Third Grade Fourth Grade Fifth Grade
Monday Math Test

Science Test

Science Test Math Test
Wednesday Spelling Test Spelling Test Spelling Test


   On the Radar Screen. . .next test for 3-5 in


         Math 3: Division; test week of November 19

       Math 4: Multiply with 2 digits; test week of November 26

       Math 5: Division by 2-Digit Divisor; test week of November 19

       English 3-4: Writing a How-to Article

       English 5: Writing a How-to Article

       Reading 3-4: Current Novel: The Little House in the Big Woods

Reading 5-6 Current Novel: The Sign of the Beaver; project due date December 6

Social Studies 3-4: The Southeast; test week of December 3

Social Studies 5: Next unit begins after current science unit

Science 3-4: Energy; test week of November 19

Science 5: Properties of Light; text week of November 26


!!!  Last Week’s Highlights

  • WINTER WEATHER: Boy, what a shock! Winter weather is here. Coats, hats, and mittens are necessary for recess play.  Frostbite is no joke.  Think ahead to boots and snow pants, which will be needed as soon as snow remains on the ground.  Help us keep your children healthy and ready to learn all afternoon.  Your child’s comfort and health are important to us. 
  • PICTURE RETAKE DAY will be Tuesday, November 20. If you want your child’s picture retaken, please return the first picture packet and a new order slip to school.
  • COLD LUNCH/FAMILY LUNCH is Wednesday, November 21. Change of plans? It is not too late to sign up.  Send an email or text message.  Thank you.  REMINDER: no use of microwaves on this day.
  • CHRISTMAS SERVICE MEMORY WORK is under way! We are working on choral speaking parts in school.  Students received their individual parts over a week ago.  Each child must recite his/her part to me twice.  Time is set aside on Monday-Thursday for this reciting.  Our Christmas service is Thursday, December 13.  Our first group rehearsal will be on November 21.
  • Don’t forget, SPELLING words, practice tests, and games are available at . Just search for my name, Debra Bakken, and scroll down the list.
  • MATH practice may be found at . Mr. Bakken has provided login information.  If you have lost this information, text Mr. Bakken.
  • READING 5: Our current book is the novel is Sign of the Beaver, by Elizabeth George Speare. Project is due December 6.
  • PHONE NUMBERS: If you need to reach one of the teachers during the day, please send a text message. Bakken 507-995-9431; Mrs. Bakken 507-381-8767
  • BOOK ORDER CODE for our class is LHX2V. Book orders are due by 11/20/18.



Looking Ahead


Monday, November 19                 Children’s Choir 3:15 PM

Tuesday, November 20                Basketball Practice 3:00 PM

Wednesday, November 21          NO Band Lessons


NO Band Rehearsal

Thanksgiving Eve Worship 6:30 PM

(Children’s Choir sings.)

Thursday, November 23              NO SCHOOL

                                                       Thanksgiving Worship 9:00 AM

     Friday, November 24                   NO SCHOOL



     December 3                                  Messy Monday

     December 5                                  Advent Services begin

     December 6                                  Basketball @ Arlington

     December 8                                  Redwood Falls Basketball Tournament

     December 10                                Mid-quarter Grades    

     December 11                                Basketball vs Hutchinson

     December 12                                Midweek Advent Worship 

     December 13                                LES Christmas Service



Quote of the Week: Education is learning what you didn’t even know you didn’t know.—Daniel J. Boorstin

Word of the Week: truth Pontius Pilate asked Jesus, “What is truth?”