Grades 3-5

Come and have a look at what we are learning right now!  From art to social studies, we are busy every day.  We are springing into fall-weather activities.  Our A-team in soccer took first place in last week’s tournament.  Sweatshirts and jackets are back in our lockers.



                       Weekly Note Grade 3-5

                        September 24-28

                          Memory Work   

Date Assigned for Homework   Date to Be Recited
9/17/18 Catechism 2, (p 33)* 9/24/18
9/21/18 Hymn 38:13 (p 6) 9/28/18
9/24/18 4th Commandment & Ephesians 6:1 (p 8) 9/25/18
9//24/18 *Catechism # 3 (p 33) 10/1/18
9/26/18 John 1:29b & *Romans 3:20 (p 9) 9/27/18
9/28/18 Hymn 304:1 (p 9) 10/5/18


Bible Stories     

Monday & Tuesday Twelve Year Old Jesus
Wednesday & Thursday John Preaches Repentance
Friday Hymn 304:1


Spelling Words: Unit 4            

  Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5
1 smoke woke strike
2 huge hopping thrown
3 save growth stole
4 life clock boast
5 wide know sign
6 come still stroll
7 mine coast thigh
8 grade crime height
9 smile wrote dough
10 note flight owe
11 cube build loaf
12 love gold stroke
13 escape blind growth
14 slope folk stride
15   ripe code
16   coal slope
17   inch hose
18   sigh mild
19   built flow
20   guide slight
21   continent tomorrow
22   grind final
wow reward reward reward


Tests & Projects Due  

  Third Grade Fourth Grade Fifth-Sixth Grade
Monday     Reading Test Unit 1
Tuesday     Social Studies Test on Early Dakota
Thursday     English Test Chapter 7 Sentences Reading Project Due
Friday Spelling Test Spelling Test Spelling Test


   On the Radar Screen. . .next test for 3-5 in


Math 3: Addition; test week of October 1

       Math 4: Addition & Subtraction; test week of October 1

       Math 5: Multiplying Whole Numbers

       English 3-4: Writing: Personal Narrative

       English 5: Sentences: week of September 24

       Reading 3-4: Sarah, Plain and Tall

Reading 5-6 Current Novel: Green as in Spring Time, New Life, and God’s Will; project due week of September 24

Social Studies 3-4: First unit begins after science test.

Social Studies 5: Early Dakota; test week of September 24

Science 3-4: The Sun, Moon, and Stars; test week of October 1

Science 5: The Solar System; test TBA


!!!  Last Week’s Highlights

  • On Thursday we heard a presentation by Missionary John Roebke. We heard just how hard it is to live and do mission work in Malawi, which is on the east side of the African continent.  Pastor Roebke told about how people there have very little, but they are super happy to have Jesus!
  • In ART we did leaf printing. Come up to our hallway and see our work on display.
  • KWIK TRIP KWIK BOOKS: September’s goal is two chapter books (not comic books). There still is time to work for that free salad or slice of pizza!
  • MATH practice may be found at . Mr. Bakken has provided login information at home visits.  If you have lost this information, text Mr. Bakken.
  • READING 5: Our first book is the novel Green as in Springtime, New Life, and God’s Will, by Linda J. Niedfeldt. Project is due September 27.
  • SPELLING words, practice tests, and games are available at . Just search for my name, Debra Bakken, and scroll down the list.  The first number is the unit number, and the second number is the grade.  So 1/3 is Unit 1 for grade 3.  Note, I am not a “premium customer,” so only free games are available to your child.
  • MISSION OFFERINGS this semester are going to Asia Lutheran Seminary to train pastors for mission work in Asia. Please remember to BRING YOUR OFFERING THIS FRIDAY.
  • PHONE NUMBERS: If you need to reach one of the teachers during the day, please send a text message. Bakken 507-995-9431; Mrs. Bakken 507-381-8767
  • BOOK ORDER CODE for our class is LHX2V. Book orders are due by 10/20/18.




   Looking Ahead


Monday, September 24                Children’s Choir 3:15 PM

Tuesday, September 25               Soccer @ Arlington 4:00 PM

Wednesday, September 26         Band Lessons

Band Rehearsal 3:00 PM

Thursday, September 27             Soccer @ Risen Savior (A 3:30 PM, B 4:30 PM)

                                                       Worship Service 7:00 PM

     Friday, September 28                  Mission Collection for Asia Lutheran Seminary

                                                            All School Devotion 8:05 AM



     September 29                               MLC Soccer Tourney

     October 1                                      Mid-quarter grades

     October 3-5                                   Testing

     October 5                                      Cross Country Meet at MVL

     October 11                                    Picture Day

     October 17                                    Parent Pick up Day

     October 18-19                               Teachers Conference: NO SCHOOL



Quote of the Week: Loving a child does not mean giving in to all of his whims; to love him is to bring out the best in him, to teach him to love what is difficult.—Nadia Boulanger

Word of the Week: reward Jesus won our heavenly reward for us.