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Confirmation Classes

Confirmation classes – also called catechism classes – are a time-tested method of teaching the basic truths of God’s Word to young adults. Our confirmation classes are held on Wednesday evenings and last for three years, usually beginning in seventh grade and culminating in confirmation after ninth grade.

Our confirmation classes are an in-depth study of the basic teachings of God’s Word. Our church believes that educating everyone in what God says is very important, and we’ve found that taking the time to thoroughly teach children the truths of God’s Word before they enter high school gives them a great foundation to face the many challenges to their faith that high school and college present.

Each confirmation lesson covers one of the basic teachings of the Bible, and weekly assignments include memory work and regular Bible readings. During their third and final year, students are publicly examined before the congregation as they answer questions on what they have learned, and they also write an essay which they read on confirmation day. Each year, our church celebrates confirmation day on the first Sunday in May.

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