Join Us for Family Bible Hour!

This summer between services Saint Peter Lutheran Church has been hosting a weekly “Family Bible Hour” program in which individuals and families have been invited to join us in the study of the miracles of Jesus and take part in fun activities and games centered on God’s Word.   With the summer drawing to a close, we will have our last two Family Bible Hours at 9:15 A.M. on Sunday August 19th and Sunday August 26th.   Please consider joining us for these faith-building and fun events!  Feel free to invite friends, neighbors, and family members to come along!

This week will be looking at Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead.  We will be reminded that Jesus loves and cares for us deeply.  We will also be reminded that because Jesus has proved to have power over death, we can face our own death with confidence.  When we die, we know Jesus has a place prepared for us in heaven and, someday just like Lazarus, we will be called out of our own graves on the Last Day as well!  Because Jesus is with us we can face all the challenges of life with peace and confidence.