Future Pastors and Teachers Needed!

Do you know a young person who has the gifts and talents to be a pastor or teacher someday? With our synod currently experiencing a shortage of pastors and teachers, workers are desperately needed in the Lord’s harvest field! Many current pastors and teachers would tell you that the encouragement they received from fellow Christians played a big role in them choosing to work in the public ministry.
Click on the link below to print out a card that can be filled out and passed to a young person that you think has the gifts to serve in the public ministry. This could be a quick and simple way to encourage that young person to serve as a future pastor or teacher! Someday, that young person may list this very encouragement as the reason they chose to be a pastor or teacher!

Praise and Proclaim Event

Today this group of believers went door to door sharing the gospel message about Jesus as the Savior and inviting people to our church and upcoming community Fall Festival event. A gospel message was successfully shared at the front door of 250+ people in the community around our church. Thanks to all the volunteers that helped make this Praise and Proclaim event a big success! We pray that the Holy Spirit causes the gospel “seeds” planted today to grow into living faith in the individuals that we met.


We had a fun filled Lutheran Pioneer meeting this week. Pastor and Leslie Heise lead us in some music and a devotion, Kay showed us some of the fun sewing projects she has planned for our October 23rd meeting and we made doughnuts out of old socks! We are still in need of some sewing machines for our October 23rd meeting (6-8pm). Let Stephanie Otto know if you have one we can use (507-351-6043)

2018/19 Lutheran Pioneer Registration Night

Lutheran Pioneer Registration night will take place on Tuesday, September 25th from 6:00-7:30pm.  All kids in Kindergarten through high school are welcome to join us.  The registration fee is $25 per child again this year and will be collected on the night of registration.  Checks can be made out to SPLS.  Any questions can be directed to Stephanie Otto (stephaniemotto@hotmail.com; 507-351-6043).  Our theme for this year is sewing.