Little Lambs Preschool

Little Lambs is a Christian preschool administered under the direction of Saint Peter Lutheran Church.   427 W. Mulberry St., St. Peter, MN.

Little Lambs Preschool is licensed and inspected by the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

Teacher: Melissa Voigt

  • Graduate of Minnesota State University, Mankato, MN

Little Lambs Handbook 2023-24

The preschool program curriculum includes….

  • Creative Play
  • Music
  • Art Experiences
  • Bible Stories and Lessons
  • Story-telling and Listening
  • Social Learning
  • Cooperative Experiences
  • Exploring Nature and Science
  • Field Trips
  • Large Motor Skill Development
  • Introduction to Computer

Purpose and Goals
The purpose of the preschool is to aid in the child’s spiritual, mental, social, emotional, and physical development. To accomplish this, our goals are….

  • To teach the child about God and his plan of salvation
  • To acquaint the child with letter and number concepts
  • To develop the use of language
  • To encourage creativity through art and music
  • To foster cooperation and respect for others through social learning experiences
  • To aid in exploring the environment through indoor and outdoor play

We provide both enrichment experiences to foster self-confidence, and new experiences which allow the child to question, seek and explore. The program strives to teach independence, responsibility, cooperative play and self-awareness within the framework of Christian teaching.

Children three years of age (by September 1) up to Kindergarten are eligible. Priority is given to children from Saint Peter Lutheran Church. Children must be toilet trained to attend.

Sessions for 2024-2025
3-year-old AM group
T & TH 8-11:00am
$1,125 ($125/mo)*

4-year-old AM group
M-W-F 8:00-11:30am
$1,925 ($214/mo)*

4-year-old PM group
T-W-TH 12:00-3:00pm
$1,725 ($192/mo)*

*A registration fee (non-refundable) equaling the first month’s tuition must accompany the application form. The registration fee will be applied as the first month’s tuition payment.

Scheduled individual conferences are available at the beginning, middle, and end of the school year.

For more information, please contact us at  [email protected] or [email protected].