School Tuition

The school Education Committee each year reviews our educational ministry Saint Peter Lutheran and how best to use the gifts God has given us to carry out that ministry. Our congregation members have expressed a strong desire to continue to provide a Christian school where a “Gospel Mindset” is encouraged every day in our classrooms so that the children of our congregation and community can be led to see Jesus as the center of their lives and all that they do.

Providing a Christian education certainly comes with a cost. The cost to educate a student in our school after teacher salaries, health care, insurance costs, school supplies, school building upkeep and utility costs, testing fees, and other school related costs are added up comes to about $4,000 per student.

Despite the rising costs, our congregation members feel very strongly about the priceless value a Christian education adds to the life of each child who attends our school. For this reason, our church members cover about 50% of the cost to educate each child through our weekly church offerings. We are thankful to have such a supportive congregation of our school and thankful that their willingness to fund much of the cost of a Christian education through offerings helps keep costs more affordable for families seeking a Christian education for their children.

2020-2021 Tuition

Little Lambs Preschool (3 Day A.M. Program) – $1665 $185/month)
Little Lambs Preschool (3 Day P.M. Program) – $1359 ($151/month)
Little Lambs Preschool (2 Day 3-year-old Program) – $981 ($109/month)

Grades K-8 for Church Members – $2060
Grades K-8 for Non-Members – $2890

Financial Aid

We strive to do all that we can to give any family who desires a Christian education for their children the opportunity to do so. With this in mind, we offer forms of assistance to families to help make tuition affordable.

Monthly Payments
Families are able to split their tuition bill up over the 9 months of the school year or even over 12 payments into the summer months to help make payments manageable.

Financial Aid Program
Throghout the year our congregation members donate towards a “Financial Aid Fund”. Families can apply for assistance from this fund prior to the beginning of a school year. The collected funds are then split up among families that apply based on need. This can result in a significant decrease of tuition costs for families in need!

Student Sponsorship Program
Members of our congregation, who have had children experience the awesome blessings of a Christian education themselves, have pledged to be willing sponsors for any families who wish to have a Christian Education for their children, but may be unable to afford the tuition. These sponsors have expressed a desire to cover tuition on behalf of families. Please speak with our school principal about this if you are interested!