School Tuition

It has always been our goal at Saint Peter Lutheran School to keep tuition costs to a minimum to keep a Christian education affordable to all the families or our congregation and community. In a study done a few years ago, the cost of educating a student at SPLS was found to be over $4,000 per school year. To help keep tuition costs lower for families, the congregation members at Saint Peter Lutheran Church graciously cover a high percentage of these expenses through their church offerings each year. They do this because they truly believe a Christian education makes a difference in the lives of children. Having this congregation support for our school is such a blessing!

Tuition Rates for the 2022-2023 School Year

Registration Fee: $200 down payment plus $100 for each additional child with a maximum of $400 per family. If this registration fee is paid by the early registration deadline of April 1, the registration fee will be discounted from tuition owed for 2022-2023.

K-8 Congregation Member: $2225/year
K-8 Community Member: $3120/year

Kindergarten Discount Rate for Little Lambs Preschool Graduates: $2000/year

Little Lambs Preschool 3-Year-Old AM: $1053/year ($117/month)
Little Lambs Preschool 4-Year-Old AM: $1800/year ($200/month)
Little Lambs Preschool 4-Year-Old PM: $1467/year ($163/month)

Financial Aid

We strive to do all that we can to give any family who desires a Christian education for their children the opportunity to do so. With this in mind, we offer multiple forms of assistance to families to help make tuition affordable.

Tuition Payment Plans
Families are able to choose from 1, 2, 4 or 9 tuition payment plans.

Tuition Assistance Program
Throughout, the year, our congregation members donate towards a “Tuition Assistance Fund”. Families can apply for assistance from this fund prior to the beginning of a school year. The collected funds are then split up among families that apply based on need. This can result in a significant decrease of tuition costs for families in need!

SCRIP Tuition Funds Program
Our school makes use of a SCRIP program.  SCRIP is a program that allows families to purchase physical and digital gift cards to both local and national retailers.  A portion of every gift card purchased is returned to our school.   100% of all funds raised through this program by each family are returned to that specific family as tuition assistance.   Many of our families purchase gift cards to do their regular grocery shopping and other shopping that they already planned to do.  This means many of our families are able to earn hundreds of dollars each school year off of their tuition while doing their typical shopping for family needs!   Extended family, such as grandparents, can also purchase SCRIP on behalf of a specific family to add to the earnings!  Please let us know if we can help get you started with a school SCRIP account!   Faithfully making use of the SCRIP program can significantly reduce tuition payments!  

Student Sponsorship Program
Members of our congregation, who have had children experience the awesome blessings of a Christian education themselves, have pledged to be willing sponsors for any families who wish to have a Christian Education for their children but may be unable to afford the tuition. These sponsors have expressed a desire to help cover tuition on behalf of families desiring to enroll in our school. Please speak with our school principal about this program if you need additional tuition assistance!