School Tuition

Saint Peter Lutheran Church recently approved the tuition rates for the 2023-2024 school year. Please note the registration fee is different than in years past. Additionally, there are new discounts available to those that qualify.

Our goal at St. Peter Lutheran School is to provide an affordable Christian education for all families in our congregation and community.  The actual cost of educating a child at St. Peter Lutheran School is significantly higher than the cost of tuition.  To help keep tuition costs lower for families, congregational members at Saint Peter Lutheran Church graciously cover a large percentage of these expenses through their church offerings and individual donations.  They do this because they truly believe that a Christian education makes a difference in the lives of children.  Having the support of the members of Saint Peter Lutheran Church is truly a blessing for our school!

Tuition Rates for 2023-2024 School Year
Kindergarten Tuition:   $2,325
1st-8th grade Congregation Member Tuition:  $2,325
1st-8th grade Community Member Tuition:     $3,255

Registration Fee
The registration fee for every student is $60. This is non-refundable, and due with registration by May 1st. The fee is in addition to the tuition charge. It will cover the cost of school t-shirts, field trip fees, and other expenses related to ordering books and supplies. Any registration after May 1st will be assessed a $90 fee. 

**NEW THIS YEAR**  All tuition, including the Registration Fee, will be collected via FACTS, the school’s new Tuition Management service. See the Registration Letter for details regarding FACTS. 

Discounts Available 
Second Child in SPLS – $100 off 1st-8th grade tuition rate (congregation OR community member)
Third Child in SPLS – $200 off 1st-8th grade tuition rate
Fourth Child in SPLS – $300 off 1st-8th grade tuition rate
*These credits do not apply to any PreK students or kindergartners already receiving a discount.

Members of other WELS/ELS churches – $500 off Community Member Tuition

Little Lamb Graduates/Attendees entering Kindergarten – $325 off Kindergarten rate

FACTS 1-2 payment plan – $30 Credit per family
When choosing  your payment plan in FACTS, if you choose the 1 or 2 payment plan option, you will receive a $30 credit. This credit won’t appear immediately on your account, but will be credited before September. 

Tuition Assistance
Tuition Assistance will again be available to those that apply. We use the Free & Reduced Meals application as our base comparison for Tuition Assistance. However, this is not the only factor considered. Family hardship situations, number of children attending, and other personal factors are taken into consideration. Please apply if you feel assistance is needed. Please see the Tuition Assistance Application or ask for a copy. Applications are due on May 1st, 2023.